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Enemy finds new tactics to fight Islam


Summary: Having failed to defeat Islam in open confrontations, the enemy of the monotheistic faith has resorted to subtle but equally deadly methods.

Author Biography: Sayyid Qutb is the author of In the Shade of the Qur’an, a commentary on the Noble Qur’an from which this article is extracted. The Egyptian Islamic activist was executed in 1966 for his outspoken activism.

The Zionists’ wicked designs have sought to reduce religion to a set of rituals, thus seeking to minimise its influence on practical life. In this way, they are able to persuade people that they remain believers while acknowledging that other lords legislate for them and regulate their practical activities. Hence, the Zionists undermine humanity altogether, even though people maintain the delusion that they are believers.

Their ultimate aim has always been to destroy Islam, because they know from their own history that they can never overcome it as long as it continues to be implemented in practice. They also know that they can overcome Muslims only when they do not truly implement Islam, regardless of the fact that they may consider themselves Muslim. Presenting the notion that religion is properly followed when it actually has little or no influence on people’s life is necessary for the Zionist plot to succeed.

I feel, although God knows best, that the Zionist Jews and the Christian neo-Crusaders have reached the point of despair in their attempts to uproot Islam from its strongholds in Africa, Asia and Europe as well. They have lost all hope that they can make Muslim populations adopt atheism through materialistic creeds, and they no longer entertain any hope of being able to convert Muslims to other religions through missionary work or direct colonialism.

This is due to the fact that atheism is repugnant to human nature. It is even rejected by pagans, let alone by Muslims. For their part, other religions do not even hope or attempt to replace Islam in the mind of any Muslim.

Perhaps it is because of this despair that Zionist Jews and Christian neo-Crusaders have changed their tactics. They no longer try to confront Islam openly through Communism or missionary work. They have adopted more subtle and wicked designs. They now try to establish systems and regimes which give themselves a superficial Islamic colour and which pay lip-service to Islam.

Once they have donned this mask, such regimes start to carry out all the projects and plans recommended by missionary conventions and Zionist protocols, which could not be implemented in a direct and open manner.

These regimes may profess to be Muslim, or at least declare that they respect religion, but at the same time, they suspend God’s law altogether and replace it with a man-made one that makes lawful what God has declared unlawful. They advocate concepts of life and moral values that undermine Islamic ones, using in the process all methods and media that influence public opinion against religious views and beliefs.

In strict adherence to the conclusions of missionary conventions and Zionist protocols, they force Muslim women out of their homes, pleading the cause of progress, civilisation and the interests of development, work and productivity. This they do when millions remain unemployed, living below the poverty line. They promote permissiveness among both sexes while claiming to respect faith and to adhere to it.

Despite all this, people continue to think that they live as true Muslims in a Muslim society. Is it not true, they ask, that the good among them continue to offer their prayers and observe their fasting? The central question of whether sovereignty belongs to God alone or to a diversity of deities no longer concerns them since they have been tricked into thinking that it has nothing to do with religion and that they can continue to be Muslims while conducting their lives on the basis of values and laws that are not derived from Islam.

In order to ensure the success of their trickery and to hide their involvement, world Zionism and neo-Crusaders stir up superficial conflicts and hostilities which show these regimes to be opposed to them. This they do at the same time as providing them with material and moral support, protecting them both discreetly and openly, and using their own intelligence services to ensure their survival.

In this way, they remove all suspicion from their puppets who fulfil for them what they have been unable to fulfil for themselves after more than three centuries of effort to destroy the faith and moral values of the Muslims. Thus, these regimes do the work of the Zionists and Christian missionaries and deprive the Muslims of their first source of power, namely, conducting their lives on the basis of their faith.

A minority of people in the vast area of the Muslim world, nevertheless, remain undeluded and cannot be brought round to accept unfaith as an image of Islam. They reject the deception that paints transgression and permissiveness as progress and civilisation. All sorts of false accusations are levelled at this minority. It is subjected to a war of extermination while international news agencies and the mass media remain deaf, dumb and blind.

Even simple, well-meaning Muslims may think that it is only a clash of personalities or a sectarian battle that has nothing to do with the unabating fight against the religion of Islam.

Those of them who are perturbed to see the weakening of religious and moral values are naively preoccupied with trying to correct some minor offences, thinking that they fulfil their task by speaking up against them. They are fully preoccupied with side issues when the foundations of this faith are being destroyed, God’s authority is being usurped and human life is governed by false gods that they have been ordered to reject.

The Zionist Jews and Christian neo-Crusaders are pleased with themselves for having pulled off this trick. They had long despaired of managing to undermine Islam by spreading atheism or converting Muslims through missionary work. We have, however, unlimited hope that God will render their efforts futile.

Our trust in the power of this religion of Islam knows no limit. They will continue to scheme, but God will foil their schemes. It is He who says: “They devised their plots, but their plots are all within God’s grasp, even though their plots are so powerful as to move mountains.” (14: 46)


Extracted from Vol. 5 of IN THE SHADE OF THE QUR’AN