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Sex with a filthy, mad woman: Any man can do it


Is there anything strange with seeking pleasure between the thighs of a lunatic?

Secure from the eyes of third parties, a highly respectable man of our time does not hesitate to sneak to a garbage place – where a woman bends to gather supper – and pretends to help her find the least rotten meal as he stretches his hand to her thighs, partially exposed by a tattered, rotting dress.

Behind such happenings is a belief firmly entrenched in the hearts of men that madness is confined to the brain, and the brain is far away from the organ that the male organ erects to penetrate.

This belief implies that what a man basically needs is anything that can accommodate his sexual organ, allowing enough friction to squeeze semen out of it.
This school of thought is fortified by the enthusiasm with which young men quench their sexual thirst with cows, goats and pigs.

Whereas it is unquestionable that men often meet their sexual needs by resorting to foul-smelling mad women and animals, it is questionable whether the men enjoy such sex outside the short time of ejaculation. Non enjoyable sex, however, is better than no sex at all. That, perhaps, is why guys still go for it.

But in a world of plenty of sensible women, one asks, why would a sane man undress before a lunatic?

One: Mad women, especially those wandering everywhere, are seen as soft targets. All that a man needs to seize her is a slightly isolated place where third parties cannot easily intervene. Unless the woman becomes violently wild, which is unlikely in the face of a tactful man, she is bound to fall prey to the predator.

The case is profoundly different with conventional women whose undies do not always slip down before certain steps are taken – creating, sustaining and enhancing a relationship with her – an exercise that often takes a multitude of words, time and money.

Two: Some men are instructed by witchdoctors to have sex with crazy women to become moneyed or overcome problems. This category is as crazy as the women they sleep with.

Three: Sexually starved men, such as those who find no financial means to marry, sustain girlfriends or hire prostitutes and those who find no sexual satisfaction in their spouses, are likely to prey on house girls, relatives and even lunatics. A man fails to attain sexual pleasure when his spouse is sexually unskilled, gives him insufficient time or treats him impolitely.

Where sexual starvation exists, even high priests go wild searching for anything with a female sexual organ, be it a hen, a big insect or a mad woman.

Four: Despite their messiness, some mad women look beautiful, sexy and attractive. In fact, some are very far from disarray. This class can even get married.

Five: Lustful men: They never get contented. They never spare anyone. What would stop a man who sleeps with his daughter to admire the unwashed tits of a lunatic?

Six: Many outwardly sober men, just like women, are actually crazy. An old man who wears a pair of shorts that exposes his thighs to the public or takes a girlfriend out at the expense of the education of his children cannot be but crazy. It is, therefore, normal for him to have sex with an equally crazy woman.

This story was first published in the print version of The Campus Journal in 2009


0 #1 WTF 2013-05-03 12:42
Can I have some of what you're smoking please? And you seem to know quite a lot about shagging lunatics, so which one are you?
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