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Democracy and legitimacy in Africa


ARTICLE SUMMARY: Former slave traders and colonial thieves of other people’s countries have no credentials to qualify as champions of democracy and legitimacy in Africa.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Motsoko Pheko is author of several books among which are: The Hidden Side of South African Politics and Towards Africa’s Authentic Liberation.

Zimbabwe is once again an eye opener to all Africans who value their national sovereignty and control of their country’s mineral wealth and other Africa’s national resources for their people.  The sustained attack on Zimbabwe is an economic war by imperialist Western countries on Africa.

These countries have a long history of “planned regime. ’’ If this fails, then they resort to “regime change.” To Britain and America, and all their satellites, ‘’democracy’’ and ‘’legitimacy’’ is when their imperialist interests prevail over those of the African people. There are media reports that two Chicago men have been charged for lobbying to lift economic sanctions against Robert Mugabe’s government.

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Africa's sickly population is a huge barrier to development. So what should be done?


Article Summary: The lax attitude by African heads of state on matters of health remains a major impediment to development on the continent. The ball is in the court of the political leadership.

Author Biography: Nnyombi Mohamood is a journalist and commentator on social and political issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says regardless of promises of better healthcare by governments and donor countries, millions of mothers, newborn babies and children continue to die each year in Africa from preventable diseases.

The WHO found that some of the continent's biggest problems are getting worse and the rates of death during childbirth and among young children are increasing. Although Africa has 11 percent of the global population, it has 60 percent of the world's HIV/AIDS cases and 90 percent of world malaria cases, mainly in children under 5.

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Why Ugandan footballers have failed to set foot in top Euro leagues


Ugandan football fans have undying loyalty to soccer clubs across the world, even though leading teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan and Bayern Munich have no single Ugandan footballer in their ranks. How would this loyalty be if Arsenal, for example, signed Express’s Yayo Lutimba? 

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Museveni’s murderous history


We have heard of very many stories about how cruel post-independence governments were, stories ranging from looting, detention without trial and human rights abuses of all sots. Many people single out for blame the governments of Idi Amin and Milton Obote.

A critical study of history, however, reveals that there were other people who could be the key architects of some of these atrocities. Below I bring you some of the shocking information, well researched on who was really behind most post-independence murders in Uganda.

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