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The United States of Africa we envisage – and the obstacles we’re bound to face


ARTICLE SUMMARY: What of our Africa in 14 years’ time? Will it be enjoying freedom and peace? Or will it sink to chaos and barbarism? What of those stages leading to a United States of Africa, as defined by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah at the All-Africa People’s Conference? Will they be implemented? These and other pertinent questions of the day are answered in this intriguing article for DRUM by Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, who has lately been coming to the front inside South Africa.

Written in 1959, the article was originally entitled: My Idea of Africa in 1973

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe is first President of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania and South Africa’s longest serving political prisoner ever. He died in 1978.

NOBODY disputes our contention that Africa will be free from foreign rule. What is disputed by many, particularly the ruling white minority, is that she will be free either ‘’within our life time’’ or by 1963 or even by 1973 or 1984.

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The limit of Mandela’s legacy

Nelson Mandela fought selflessly for his people’s freedom. But how successful was his fight for freedom is a question that has seldom been asked. In these three articles South African freedom activist Dr. Motsoko Pheko notes that the indigenous majority black population is still far from liberation since almost all her land remains in the hands of a tiny white minority.


Article Summary: Any negotiation that does not repossess the dispossessed people of their land is a fake.


Article Summary: South Africa was built on crude colonial injustice and criminal disregard for the indigenous African majority of this country.  When people are deprived of their land they suffer humiliation, servitude, poverty, ignorance and disease. Colonial dispossession of land was genocide and continues to be genocide inflicted on Africans.


Article Summary: The African experience is that the invaders of Africa have always relentlessly pushed for command position in Africa, no matter how small their numbers. This arrogant behaviour must be brought to a swift end.



The limitation of state tyranny


ARTICLE SUMMARY: In a talk made 18 July in Kampala to mark the 56th anniversary of Imamat Day, the scholar argues that the most durable human societies are built on the basis of consent, not conquest.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Mahmood Mamdani is the Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR), Kampala. His article first appeared on the MISR website.

This is a time for anniversaries.  This year, we have observed two anniversaries in the 1950s this year: the anniversary to mark the ascension of H.H. the Aga Khan, and the independence of Uganda.  I shall focus on the latter event in these remarks.

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Is America and NATO replacing the United Nations?


ARTICLE SUMMARY: To think that the West can be impartial in identifying who used chemical weapons in Syria is like naively believing that jackals can look after sheep without reporting that some of them are “missing” or “dead”.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Motsoko Pheko is a historian, political scientist, lawyer, theologian, author of several books, including TOWARDS AFRICA’S AUTHENTIC LIBERATION. He is a former Member of the South African Parliament. During the unfinished liberation struggle in South Africa he was a Representative of the victims of apartheid at the United Nations in New York and at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.    

Is the United States of America and its NATO Allies replacing the United Nations? Is this alliance now the supreme world body in international affairs? Is the United Nations going the disastrous end of its predecessor the League of Nations? Should the civilised nations of the world allow the nefarious schemes of these self-appointed police of the world to destroy the world again through disguised colonialism, racism and new imperialism? And enslave other nations especially in the developing world through terrorist militarism?  

America and Britain invaded Iraq in 2003 by spreading false propaganda that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and nuclear weapons and murdered Saddam Hussein through this fraudulently fabricated “crime.”

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Lessons the East African common market offers to Islamic countries


ARTICLE SUMMARY: The Fourth Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Think Tank Forum held in Cairo on 26 – 27, March 2013, focused on the theme: Economic Integration within the OIC: Prospects and Challenges.  Muhammad K. Mayanja attended the meeting and made a presentation entitled: Common market in the OIC countries: the experience of the East African Community. Below is the full presentation.

 AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Muhammad K. Mayanja is the Chairman of Uganda’s Justice Forum (Jeema) Party and Director at the Institute of Governance, Education and Development.

Executive Summary

The lack of progress in promoting trade amongst member countries of the OIC over the last 40 years calls for a rethink of the approach so far which had been adopted and search for more effective means of realizing this goal.

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