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The importance of research in a university


ARTICLE SUMMARY: Today, intellectual life in universities has been reduced to bare-bones classroom activity. Extra-curricular seminars and workshops have migrated to hotels. Academic papers have turned into corporate-style power point presentations. Academics read less and less. A chorus of buzz words have taken the place of lively debates. To reverse this unfortunate trend MISR has introduced an interdisciplinary PhD programme.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Mahmood Mamdani is the Director of Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR), Kampala. He made this presentation in 2011.

My remarks will be more critical than congratulatory. I will focus more on the challenge we face rather than the progress we have made. My focus will also be limited to the Humanities and the Social Sciences rather than to the Sciences, and to postgraduate education and research rather than to undergraduate education.

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Junior teaching staff in public universities overpaid


ARTICLE SUMMARY: A Teaching Assistant in a public university who holds a bachelor’s degree earns at least shillings 1.7 million (USD 654) compared to an average of shillings 700,000 (USD 269) paid in most organizations to a bachelor’s degree holder not holding a managerial position.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Prof. Venansious Baryamureeba is vice chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University and former vice chancellor of Makerere University.

A local newspaper published an article on July 24 which based on staff establishments approved by university councils to conclude that public universities in Uganda were in a staffing crisis.

First of all most of the staffing establishments of public universities in Uganda are outdated as they were approved at least three years ago. Secondly, the basis of the approved establishments was projected student (undergraduate and postgraduate) numbers. The article did not say whether these numbers were realized. In most cases staff establishments are overestimates expected to cater for student increments over a long period of time, as they are not reviewed annually.

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Why Uganda’s education system has failed to reduce unemployment


ARTICLE SUMMARY: Graduates of the day have purely academic and bookish knowledge which is not job-oriented. The need of the hour is that there must be a sufficient number of technical training institutions and other job-oriented courses at village level.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Nnyombi Mohamood is a journalist and commentator on social and political issues.

Bill Clinton once remarked, “Do not believe we can repair the basic fabric of society until people who are willing to work have work. Work organises life. It gives structure and discipline to life.”

This, ideally, signifies the essence of employment to a society. Some people argue that the type of education we have is the answer to some of the big current problems Uganda faces. They bear that illusion in mind: “Want to fix the unemployment problem? Educate a child!”

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An explanation of the courses offered in engineering, design, art and technology


ABOUT THE ARTICLE: This is a summary of a presentation that the author made at a Careers Guidance fair on June 8 at the Islamic University in Uganda Females Campus at Kabojja. The Fair was organized by the Union of Muslim Professionals in Uganda.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Umaru Bagampadde is Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering at Makerere University.

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Makerere VC takes over management of confused CIT College


Article Summary: Dr. Josephine Nabukenya and Dr. John Ngubiri had become virtual dictators at the College, withholding staff allowances for no clear reason. The new development leaves the duo redundant.

Author Biography: Yahya Sseremba is the publisher of The Campus Journal news website.  

The vice chancellor of Makerere University has taken over the management of the College of Computing and Information Sciences in a radical step intended to end an internal struggle for money that had wreaked havoc on the unit.

In a letter dated 28, March 2013, a copy of which The Campus Journal news website has obtained, the VC Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentambu instructs the acting principal of the College, Dr. John Ngubiri, to hand over office to the deputy vice chancellor in charge of academic affairs, Prof. Lillian Tibatemwa-Ekirikubinza, on 2, April 2013.

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