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In schools, immorality gains acceptability


At the entrance of Makerere University’s Lumumba Hall is a metallic statue of emperor gongome whose long ‘penis’ permanently wears a condom. Gongom, excluding his ‘private parts’, is dressed in traditional Buganda kanzu costume that is often reserved for important ceremonies.

Adjacent to this males’ dormitory is a females’ hall, Mary Stuart, featuring another statue named gongomes, posing in a dancing posture and equally adorned in traditional busuuti attire. Besides it boxes of condoms lie in waiting for whoever chooses to pick – free of charge. These freebies are also available at the gates of all other halls of residence.

Closely related is the fact that every boys’ hall has a corresponding girls’ dormitory with which it claims solidarity; Mitchell Hall married Complex Hall to form the Mitchellex solidarity, Lumumba joined Box (Mary Stuart) to become Lumbox and Africa chose Livingstone and were renamed Afrostone.

The two halls of Nkrumah and Nsibirwa that have no females’ counterparts have no way of forging solidarity and each has remained single and lonely.

This way of life – condoms, inter-hall relationship – is part of the lifestyle that has driven parents to complain about what they believe to be unacceptable levels of morality at the institution of higher learning. Their lamentation, however, has often found few interested audiences. Left with no option, some parents have decided to send their children to religious schools.

It should be noted that even in Muslim-founded schools like Kawempe Muslim, Aisha Girls, Islamic University in Uganda, and others, there are many Christian students whose parents do not mind letting them wear the hijab that is mandatory in such schools. Parents know it is through such schools that their children will become responsible people.

And many other Christians choose Christian universities as their first choice while Muslims prefer the Islamic University in Uganda, with little consideration to the quality of education offered in these institutions.

But the problem of immorality in schools doesn’t start at school; it starts at home. With increasing industrialization and modernization, parents – both mothers and fathers – spend almost all their time on business and office work, and many don’t hesitate to throw an eight-months-old into a kindergarten; it is picked from school by a house boy and fed at home by a house girl.

The parents are willing to pay any amount to whoever can bring up this kid on their behalf. In this case schools are the easiest and acceptable alternatives though they are far from effective. They are not effective because they cannot substitute parental guidance. Besides, their staff is often overwhelmed by too many kids.

Westernization disguised as modernization
This kind of upbringing has given rise to a new generation whose perception of morality is ‘modernized’. In his book, The Passing of the Traditional Society, Daniel Lerner notes that modernization is essentially westernization but only a neutral term is used in order not to scare away third world leaders. In this case many schools and other education institutions are tempted to think that they have to westernize in order to modernize.

Perversion, as a result, is becoming accepted and even promoted. Radical feminists, gay and lesbians have exploited democracy and human rights – both defined by the West – to drive to the margin the logical order and everything has now gone to the bargain. Gay and Lesbian Studies is one of the courses taught in institutions of western countries like USA; it could be a matter of time, God forbid, before it’s extended to universities here.

Makerere University Academic Staff Association chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi has advised lecturers against having sex with students, saying that students should sleep with their fellow students instead!

In his article, The Death of Commonsense, Philip Howard says, “By pretending that procedures will get rid of corruption we have succeeded only in humiliating good people and have provided a cover of darkness and complexity for the bad.”


0 #1 Barimbuza.A 2012-05-18 07:31
Yes, i have seen the article about the Prof. but i have a question to ask Mr.Tanga Odoi?is he the only person with eyes to see dirt at the University?Wher e were you in the elections? Why didnt you stand with Baryamureeba?
In any society,change is not always simple to be accepted.thx
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