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Jeema proposes policy alternative for Uganda’s rotting health sector


The deputy chair of the Justice Forum Women’s Wing Ms. Khadija Babirye received most applause from the audience at the WBS Theater as she articulated her party’s healthcare strategies.  She was the only woman at the policy debate show on WBS TV Thursday.

The NRM, FDC, DP, UPC and CP were all represented by men who all but one – CP’s Ssemusu Mugobansonga – were medical doctors.  The show would expose the party with the best policy alternative for Uganda’s crippling healthcare sector.

Babirye passionately called for introduction of a health insurance scheme, financing of the Uganda National Minimum Healthcare package, indoor residual spraying for malaria prevention and transforming Uganda into a regional medical treatment hub.

She argued that were it not for inadequate service delivery practices of the government of the day, the nation is endowed with enough resources to implement the proposed policy alternatives.

She maintained that even though good roads, railways and power supply are important, Jeema believes  Mama Kits —gloves, cotton wool, detergent, razor blade, plastic sheets etc for expectant mothers must take the first claim on available resources before infrastructure. 

“The Justice Forum will…reallocate 20 percent from Infrastructure to cater for the Uganda National Minimum Health Care Package,” Babirye said.  “Presently this includes health promotion, disease prevention and community health initiatives; epidemic and disaster prevention, preparedness and response; nutrition; control of communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB; diseases targeted for elimination such as poliomyelitis, guinea worm, measles etc, non-communicable diseases such as injuries, disabilities and gender-based violence, mental health, etc.”

The show was sponsored by the Netherlands Institute for Multi-party Democracy and was moderated by Television Presenter Peter Kibazo. It was broadcast on WBS TV on Sunday at 2:00PM.   




0 #1 Abu musa 2013-10-21 18:08
Dear editor please extend my regards to Ms Babirye, we hope that the Government of Mr Museveni will take some thing from Babirye's work .Regards to all.