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How I got my first job – part II

In the second of his How I got my first job series, Alfredo excels in Bank of Baroda written interviews but declines to go for the oral interview.


A few weeks after I went for the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) job interview, my sister told me about a job opening at the Bank of Baroda, or BoB, advertised on their website. The Bank was looking for “Banking Assistants” to take up positions at their various branches throughout the country – and yes, they did have an age limit of 26, so they were targeting mostly recent graduates like the author.

I submitted my application letter and a couple of weeks later, I got a call from the BoB Human Resource Manager requesting me to pick up a letter at their Kampala Offices, inviting me for a written test. The test date was sometime early Jan 2012, and the test venue was Kitante Primary School.

Test Prep

Since BoB is an Indian bank with subsidiaries all over the globe, it wasn’t very difficult finding sample tests online, particularly in online (Indian) forums. So I just saved some of these sample tests on my laptop and practiced with them before test day. In fact, this is when I first came across – a site that has been very critical in my consequent aptitude test preps.

Round 1 – Written Test

Come test day, I woke up early as usual, and headed to the test venue. But this time around, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot less people (relative to OAG) – about 300 candidates were present, and this time the test started on time, and the demographic of the test-takers was spot-on – most of the applicants looked like they were in their mid-20s.

Written Test Layout

Test Duration

No. of Questions

Type of Questions

1 hour

100 Questions in total, divided up into 4 sections.

  1.   English Section e.g. Analogies,   Complete this sentence, Reading Paragraphs and answering questions that   follow, etc.
  2.   Numerical Reasoning Section e.g. Arithmetic questions, Find the Interest-type   problems, Ratios, etc.
  3.   Logical Reasoning Section e.g. Word puzzles, Number puzzles, diagrammatic puzzles
  4.   General Knowledge Section e.g. Who is the head of the   United Nations, What is the currency of India, What causes Bilharzia? etc.

Note: You can google “sample Bank of Baroda tests” to see more examples of the questions to expect.

Written Test Result/Outcome

I did pass this test, and was called for the Bank of Baroda Computer Test about 2 weeks later. All the practice I did actually did pay off, and I encourage anyone reading this to always use the internet for test prep research – Google is your friend!

Round 2 – Computer Test

After picking up my invitation letter from the BoB Kampala Offices, I was told that the test would be the coming Sunday at their offices. In preparation, I brushed up on my sketchy computer knowledge – mostly theoretical stuff like; the characteristics of First, Second and Third Generation Computers, what is a CPU, Logic Unit, Control Unit, among others.

To my surprise, however, the test was completely practical!

On test day, we were about 100 candidates (down from 300) – and were divided into shifts, and given a computer station to work on. Before we started, we were all provided with an instructions sheet on which we had 30 minutes to; 1) Type up a word document and 2) Create an Excel worksheet – input data (and use formulas to calculate certain things), and 3) Create a folder (and name it as instructed).

Computer Test Layout

Test Duration

No. of Questions

Type of Questions

30 mins

3 Sections – MS Word, MS Excel, Creating Folders

  1.   MS Word – to test your typing   skills and Speed
  2. MS Excel – to test how you input data into a worksheet, and use   Formulas
  3. Creating Folders

Computer Test Result/Outcome

Given that I’ve been using computers since I was 10, this practical test was a real breeze for me – I passed it, and was invited for the oral Interviews. However, for those of you who are not very fast at typing or not familiar with the various MS Word/ MS Excel functions – I think it is important for you to get sometime and familiarize yourself with them, so that on test day you are more confident.

Why I declined the Invitation for oral Interviews

You see, BoB took some time to get back to me about the Computer Test, and by the time they told me I had passed their Computer Test, I had already secured my current job – with a “Big 4” audit firm. So I had no choice but to decline it.

Note: “Big 4” = PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and KPMG.

See ya’ll next time!