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First Uganda Islamic festival awards for Sunday 29

The Uganda Islamic Festival and Awards, in conjunction with Star TV and Blessedly Uganda Foundation, invites you to its annual festival on Sunday 29, December 2013 at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School, from 09:00AM to 6:00PM.

The event is aimed at creating a difference for the Muslim youth, and strengthening the virtue of unity. There will be recognition and awarding of those brothers and sisters who have contributed to the ummah, or Muslim Community, and the nation at large. Our theme for this year is: Upholding Islamic Values through Unity.

The public is called upon to vote for the awards on 8008 across all telephone networks.

The following categories shall be awarded:

·         Qur’an recitation and memorization

·         Islamic schools

·         Islamic Music

·         Imam

·         Radio programmes

·         TV Presenter

·         Sports journalist

·         Comedy

·         Publications

·         Islamic organization

·         Life achiever

·         Mosques

·         Sportsmen/sportswomen

·         Duaat (callers to Islam)


For more information: Contact 0773033557



Why victory is usually slow in coming


ARTICLE SUMMARY: Victory achieved easily is lost easily. It comes cheap, requiring no real sacrifice. Those who achieve it do not have the necessary training to maintain it. Since they did not have to mobilize their resources to win it, they are not mobilized to defend it.

BACKGROUND: Extracted from Vol. 12 of In the Shade of the Qur’an, this article is part of the author’s commentary on Chapter 22:39 of the Qur’an, which states, “Permission to fight is given to those against whom war is waged, because they have been wronged. Most certainly, God has the power to grant them victory.”

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Sayyid Qutb is one of Islam’s greatest activists of the 20th Century. His Islamic advocacy cost him his life in 1966 at hands of the tyrannical Egyptian regime.

We need to reflect a little on these short statements that provide profound insight into human nature. The first thing to note is that the permission to fight back is granted by God to those against whom the idolaters had waged a wrongful aggression. This permission starts with a statement that God defends the believers and dislikes aggressors: “God will certainly defend those who believe. For certain, God does not love anyone who betrays his trust and is bereft of gratitude.” (22:38)

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Daily Monitor reopens after ‘admitting wrongdoing’


Article Summary: The newspaper has gone down on its knees and committed in writing to refrain from publishing stories that generate tension, ethnic hatred, cause insecurity or disturb law and order.

Author Biography: Hilary Onek is the outgoing Ugandan Minister for Internal Affairs.

On the 7th day of May 2013, the Daily Monitor published a classified letter headed “proposed investigations” dated 29th April 2013 purportedly written by Gen. David Sejusa, addressed to the Director General, Internal Security Organisation and copied to a number of senior security officers, including the Chief of Defence Forces and the Director General, External Security Organisation.

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First Islamic museum in Uganda in the offing


ARTICLE SUMMARY: This is the time to establish a place to showcase the rich heritage and historical contribution of Islam and Ugandan Muslims.

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY: Jawadu Mbogo is the brain behind the planned Islamic Museum and Research Centre.

Islam has been in existence in Uganda for nearly 170 years. In the course of its operation the monotheistic religion has left behind relics, antiquities and artefacts, most of which are scattered in various parts of the country. There is need to collect these valuables and keep them in a safe place as away of preserving the history of Islam.

It is only in the establishment of a museum and research centre that the Islamic heritage can be preserved and further studied. The museum that we have set out to establish shall also keep accurate information on the Muslim population, facilities, professionals and other aspects of Islamic nature.

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And Then They Came For Me

Lasantha Wickrematunge knew he would be killed anytime for consistently writing stories critical of the government. He thus wrote his farewell article that was published shortly after he was shot in the head in the Sri Lankan capital in 2009. This article has come to be one of our greatest inspirations – Editor.

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